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The Park Forest Historical Society was founded in 1985 to promote and preserve the history of Park Forest. It is an independent not-for-profit organization, which presents programs to share various perspectives of the village's unique past. The main criterion for election to the Park Forest Hall of Fame is consistent, substantial and beneficial contributions to the life and citizens of Park Forest over a considerable span of time. The Hall of Fame nominations take place each year from October 1 through December 15.

Members of the Park Forest Historical Society Hall of Fame For biographical sketches, click on year the member was inducted.

* Oral History Transcripts are available.


Philip M. Klutznick


Lois Coxworth
Bernard G. Cunningham
Henry X. Dietch *
Robert A. Dinerstein
Gerson Engelmann
Dewey Helmick
Art Hodes
Nathan Manilow
Leona Ringering
Carroll F. Sweet, Jr.
Earl M. Wade


Elaine Sigrid Garretson *
James Lusk Garretson *
Gertrude L. Gold
Tom McDade *
Lester B. Vande Berg


James Marzuki *
Mary Lou Marzuki
J. Ron McLeod
Alice B. Racher
Emanuel M. Racher
Marge Friedman Scherr
Charles Waldmann


Rhoda Adler
Ronald Bean
Harold Brown
Rose Carol Brown
Ross De Lue
Leona B. De Lue
E.C. (Eddie) & Margaret Edwards


John Goodrich
Therese Goodrich
Beverly Myrow
Gerald (Jerry) Myrow
Leo E. Orsi
Anthony Scariano
Lester S. Skaggs
Ruth Skaggs
Edward Waterman


Lynn Brenne
Wilma Brenne
Raymond W. Janota
George & Josephine Maeyama
John C. North
Leonard Carl Robinson
Sam Walker


Etel Bilig
Harriet Marcus Gross
Jerry Knight
Stan & Jan Moore
Irwin "Pappy" Schechter
Robert Smart
Warren Utes


F. Patrick Kelly
Hugo Leinberger
John "Jack" Morrissey
Mayer & Peggy Singerman
Harry Teshima
Rita Walker


Dorothy M. Colson
John & Doris Hill
Bo & Helen Lawrence
C. Shanti Thayil


Ralph Gordon Johnson
Rudy Lachmann
Georgia C. O'Neill
Blaine "Bud" & Hope Osterling
Frederick W. Peterman
George Taradash



Richard Marsh Bennett
Gretchen Falk
William I. Hamby
A. Oscar Johnson
Betty L. McDonnell
Florence Oliver
Jack & Dorothy Rabin Star


Robert E. Brooks, Sr.
Norma Jean Crute Collins
Judy Lohr
Robert G. Maeyama
Jerry Mathews
Patricia M. Moore


Keith Hauge
Janet R. Muchnik
Dr. Mel Muchnik
Jon D. Steinmetz
Jane Steinmetz
Alfred "Al" Van Horn III


Mary McCall
Jane Nicoll
Rev. Daniel O'Sullivan
Anna T. Saul
James D. Saul
George C. Townsend
Theresa (Terry) Townsend


Jean Bernstein
Suzanne Brown
Kenneth W. Kramer
Barbara J. Moore
Valerie L. Nicholson
Elmer L. Washington, Sr., PhD
Michael Wheeler


Gary Kopycinski
Myrtle C. Martin
Marty O'Neill
John R. Ray


Ivan A. Baker
Christine R. Blue
Mae R. Brandon
Diana Cruz
Jerrold Loebl
Norman J. Schlossman
Jerry and Penny Shnay


Helen S. Brunner
Florence Cunningham
Adele Glassner
Alvin Glassner
Richard "Dick" Humbert

Celia-Ann Toll
Aunt Martha's Youth Services


Mary H. Davidson
Francis G. Dioguardi
Marie A. Iafollo
Leonard McDannel & Margaret McDannel
Roger D. Paris
Al Sturges & Barbara G. Sturges
Tall Grass Arts Association


James Gallagher
Marlene H. Gallagher
John Joyce
Alicia Rodman McCray
William M. Tilley
Park Forest Nurses Club


James Henkel
Ruth Henkel
Ralph C. Medhurst
Terry J. Medhurst
Robert A. "Bob" Navid
Ruth P. Navid
A. Wayne Mann
Robert G. Pierce
Rich East High School 


Joan Bogar Crabb
Maureen Hubbard Cribbs
Jon and Judy Dolan Mendelson
Bruce L. Neel
John Perry
Dr. Magne B. Olson
Friends of Thorn Creek Woods 


Don DeMarco
Mary & Larry Lubertozzi
Kathy (Cardona) McDonough
Michael McNamara
Herbert E. & Patricia M. Tieder
Grande Prairie Singers


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The mission of the Park Forest Historical Society is to preserve, interpret and celebrate the unique history, diversity and achievements of the Village of Park Forest, Illinois through exhibits, publications and special programs;To educate residents, students and visitors in all aspects of village history;To encourage donations and enlist volunteers for the Park Forest Local History Collection and Archive and the 1950s Park Forest House Museum;To honor those who have, over a long period of time, contributed to the Village of Park Forest.

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