Kitchen in the Park Forest House Museum

Kitchen: Our 1950s kitchen has the original metal cabinets, a 1947 GE Refrigerator, a Sunbeam Mixmaster, canisters, and cookbooks. You get to open drawers and cabinets and the fridge to get a blast from the past in every one.  In our new location, we do not have a built in pantry closet, but we do have a freestanding one with the same display items.





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The mission of the Park Forest Historical Society is to preserve, interpret and celebrate the unique history, diversity and achievements of the Village of Park Forest, Illinois through exhibits, publications and special programs;To educate residents, students and visitors in all aspects of village history;To encourage donations and enlist volunteers for the Park Forest Local History Collection and Archive and the 1950s Park Forest House Museum;To honor those who have, over a long period of time, contributed to the Village of Park Forest.

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