Volunteer Opportunities at the Museum

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We have received an IMLS Museums for America Collections Stewardship Grant which we will begin work on in October 2013.  For a Volunteer/Internship Position Job Description for the grant work on the Museum Collection,

Find the Museum Docent/Tour Guide Job Description on this page.


The 1950s Park Forest House Museum Needs Volunteers!!!

 Help us keep this gem open!

Hours:  Wednesday and Saturday, 10:30-3:30, (Divided into two shifts.) Tours by appointment at other times.

Join our Museum volunteers!  Call Jane Nicoll, 708-481-4252 to be trained!

Come exchange stories about your youth. Spend time surrounded by familiar toys, dolls, and household furnishings.

It's really fun to show the museum!

The Museum is not just about Park Forest History!

It is an original rental townhome furnished as it might have been from 1948-1953. We have dolls, toys, books, clothing, galoshes, holiday decorations, a classroom from Forest Boulevard School, artwork from 1950s artists bought at 1950s Art Fairs, cloth diapers, a wringer washer, a bathinette and more!

When is the last time you said, "Hi" to Howdy Doody?

Volunteering means taking a turn every once in a while, giving tours to folks who come during regular hours. We also need people who can open for appointments, or help with tour groups.  We book group tours during the week, and sometimes have last minute calls for out of town visitors.

We have a small corps of volunteers. We must have more to cover 10 hours per week! Volunteer with you neighbor, best friend, sibling, child, grandchild, or spouse.

Please come give this a try! We will train you.

We accept students who need community service hours. Contact Jane Nicoll, Director via email.

Other Volunteers We Need at the Museum

  • We need people to help clean--light dusting of furniture and wood floors, shaking out of rugs.
  • People are needed to help decorate for the seasons or for the holidays, and to help pack the decorations away.
  • After rainfall, we need people to help shop-vac the basement and possibly to check and care for collection pieces stored there.
  • Our yard work is done by Central Park Townhomes, but we do pick up branches and paper around the property.
  • We sometimes need to clean the bathroom, including the bathtub.
  • Volunteers are needed to go in and check on the property throughout the week, check for water in the basement, any surprise leaks or broken windows, let the treasurer know there is mail. In fourteen years, we have never had a security issue-- just one broken window in a storm door due to high winds.

Help Further Our Mission

The mission of the Park Forest Historical Society is to preserve, interpret and celebrate the unique history, diversity and achievements of the Village of Park Forest, Illinois through exhibits, publications and special programs;To educate residents, students and visitors in all aspects of village history;To encourage donations and enlist volunteers for the Park Forest Local History Collection and Archive and the 1950s Park Forest House Museum;To honor those who have, over a long period of time, contributed to the Village of Park Forest.

Your membership preserves history.
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