Forest Boulevard School Classroom

In the 1950s Park Forest House Museum we have included a recreation of a classroom in Forest Boulevard School. The first year residents lived in Park Forest, children were bused to Chicago Heights for school.  That soon became impractical. For the second year, 1950-1951, American Community Builders took an 8-unit rental building, knocked out walls, and set up classrooms. 

In our classroom we have some early Park Forest school photographs, photos of the interior of Forest Boulevard School, and of the exterior of Juniper School, the second rental unit school.  You can see many children's books and some toys.  There is a copy of an early Distirct 163 scrapbook, with early notices to parents, articles about the Village and with some articles on the teachers with their photos.

Since the first volunteer library was started in Forest Blvd School, we have a display for that here. 

Blackboard says ABC not ACB!
Desks would have been much more crowded.
Library display.
Photos of early schools.