Checklist of Things We Need in the Collections

Do you, your parents or grandparents have any of these items from your years in Park Forest?


  • Telephone Directories before 1978.  Please keep an eye out for these!!
  • Photos of People-Village Officials, Club Officers, Famous Visitors, Teachers, Clergy
  • Photos of Events, Civic Organizations, Buildings (especially of construction)

Photos from all the years of Park Forest:

  • Photos of the Early Years in the Rental Units and Homes
  • Photos of Your Home-Photos from the "Pioneers" showing the "Mudville" look, or of the rentals or homes under construction
  • Photos showing your neighborhood or your school-from any decade
  • Home Movies - Donate copies of your conversions, preferably on DVD or thumbdrives.

Postcards of Park Forest.

Newspapers or Clippings on Park Forest (We have Park Forest Star Newspaper from 1976-current and Park Forest Reporter 1949-1976 on microfilm, but some issues and articles are missing.)

Magazine Articles or Whole Issues on Park Forest

Scrapbooks of Park Forest Organizations

Diaries, Journals or Memoirs

Memorabilia:  We especially like anniversary items. 

For instance, we have the little suede nail kits and coin purses kids got for the 5th Anniversary, and miniature records, a lighter and ashtray from the 10th.

Please contact the Park Forest Historical Society if you have materials you think might belong in the Local History Collection and Archive or the 1950s Park Forest House Museum.

Some materials we would like now. Some we may ask that you donate at a later time.

When in doubt, Don't Throw Out!!
The Local History Collection needs your treasures!

Park Forest Historical Society
Jane Nicoll, Archivist, 708-481-4252, or email

Mike Gans, President, 708-305-3308, or email.