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Gurley candles, gold sleigh, red plastic cookie cutters and a vintage Christmas tablecloth decorate the dining room table in December.
The cookie cutters and rolling pin are waiting on the red enamel table.

Favorite cookbooks and recipes are there when the family is ready to start cookie making.


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Blow mold snowman and Santa cut-out, "basement" 2015.

Noble Fir Metal Tree Black Forest Green. Read about the tree we are using 2009--

christmasad elf 2008

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The family arrives at Grandma's front door, laden with gifts in this 1950s ad. Kids are in wool snowsuits, and Dad is in a fedora. A knee-hugger elf sits on the shelf next to the ad, waiting for Santa.

Even the Panther lamp gets decorated.

Gurley Candle's "Prell Shampoo" Angel with Rosbro plastic ornaments and a plastic candelabra make the season bright on the Admiral TV.


lrbuffetbest12 2008

Rosbro plastic elves stand next to a Rosbro skiing Santa candy holder. Three Gurley Candles snowmen tip their hats, next to a tall green Gurley Candle tree. Christmas cards from relatives are on the desk top as decorations, too. Remember Angel Chimes? Two tall male Gurley choir singers carol next to a Gurley Christmas tree, surrounded by bell-shaped ornaments with flocked decorations. A bright red die-cut "Merry Christmas" sign stands behind them on the living room buffet.
Presents wait under the tree, but not everything is wrapped. The wrapping paper and ribbon are here, too.

underthetree12 2008

All photographs, Copyrighted by Jane Nicoll, 2008, 2010, 2015, 2016.