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Marshall Field's Park Forest Store Bricks

Price: $15 for one Brick: $25 for two. Shipping and handling $12 per box. One box can hold 3 bricks.

Each brick comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, and a one-page history of the Park Forest store.

Checks payable to "Park Forest Historical Society," or use our convenient PayPal option. Reserve your bricks, now, by contacting us. (Click on "contacting us.") We have a limited supply.

Bricks may be purchased at the House Museum, 141 Forest Blvd, during open hours or by appointment. They are also for sale at Village Hall, Recreation and Parks desk, 350 Victory Drive.  See our Marshall Field's Brick Sale flier for details.


Multiple discount

Park Forest Plaza and Holiday Theatre.

Print by Annabelle Gould, 1966. 11" x 14"

Price $15.00;  Shipping and Handling, $6.00.

Vibrant print from an original watercolor, showing kids and their moms in the Park Forest Plaza, in front of the Holiday Theatre and Golden Hanger Shop.
It comes in a white envelope.




Park Forest Dreams and Challenges by Jerry Shnay.  Autographed.

Price: $22.00; Shipping and handling, $5.00 each.

Published by Arcadia Publishing in the Images of America series. Sales of this book directly benefit the Park Forest Historical Society. Jerry Shnay donates all royalties to further our mission. This wonderful book tells the history of Park Forest with photographs and narrative.




 America's Original GI Town, 2nd edition, 2010 By Gregory Randall, Autographed.

Price: $25.00; Shipping and handling, $5.00.

The definitive book on Park Forest's place in city planning history, this highly readable book was researched in large part in our archive, with many images from our collection.  Gregory Randall lived in Park Forest as a child.


Remembering Marshall Field's, by Leslie Goddard, 2011. Autographed.

Price $20.00,  Shipping & handling, $5.00

For more than 150 years, Marshall Field and Co. reigned as Chicago's leading department store. This lavishly illustrated book traces the store's history from its beginning as a dry good store in 1852 into a world-class fashion and service trend-setter. Photographs, ads, postcards, and memorabilia trace the store's cherished traditions.  Brief discussion of Park Forest store with a photo or two from our archive. 



Aunt Mary's Guide to Raising Children the Old-fashioned Way, by Amy Peele.  Autographed.

Price: $16.00

By former Park Forest resident, Amy S. Peele. This personal account, includes stories on growing up in Park Forest.


50th Anniversary Calendar

Price: $2

Produced in 1998-1999. The calendar contains 18 photographs from our collection. Sells for $2 in the Museum. Shipping and handling charges apply if mail ordered.

Dates of when organizations began and  Park Forest's historic events are recorded on the calendar pages.

The calendar covered August 2008-December 2009, the time we spent celebrating the 50th Anniversary with special programs and events. The names and dates of those events are listed, in most cases.


Park Forest: The Early Years, 1946-1956, by Carroll F. Sweet, Jr.

Price: $10; Shipping and handling addtl.

Written by Carroll F. Sweet, Jr., as part of his autobiography. Carroll was the son of the man by the same name who had the idea to build Park Forest as a GI Town. When he got out of the U.S. Navy after World War II, Carroll came to work for American Community Builders as an assistant to the president, Philip Klutznick. He helped come up with the "temporary" name, "Park Forest" for the FHA loan application in 1946.

When the town was under construction, Carroll established the first ACB office in Park Forest. He delivered the mail, which was delivered to Chicago Heights, delivered water bottles until the water was deemed safe to drink, and was instrumental in setting up the interface between ACB and its tenants.

Carroll named many streets in Park Forest, including the Medal of Honor Streets and all of Lincolnwood, which was named after people and places in the life of Abraham Lincoln. This is a fascinating look "behind the scenes" from someone who was there at the beginnning. 


Price: .25 for individual cards. $2.00 for a package of 8.

You may receive duplicates of one, rather than all 8. Until we get our storage situation settled, we are running out of one. Postage and handling charges are extra.

The postcards are made from photographs in our collection. For copies of some of the postcards, click here.

  • Birth of a City shows the famous sign from the tent meeting of November 27, 1948, with part of the crowd sitting beneath it.
  • All America City Awards shows several movers and shakers holding the 1954 All America Banner.
  • Tots on Trikes shows a view of a street in the early rentals with kids on late 1940s trikes and riding toys.
  • Park Forest Plaza is an aerial from June 1956.
  • Clock Tower Construction, July 1950 shows two men building the framework of one of our Clocktowers in the Plaza.
  • Muddy Kids is our iconic image of kids in the early rental courts, covered in mud, taken near 2868 Western in Spring 1949.
  • Mudville shows Court F-6 in March 1949, with duckboards.
  • Aerial View April 1949 shows the construction of the rental units looking from the Forest Preserve, west.
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