The bedroom has a matched set of heavy blonde furniture--possibly limed oak--with geometric drawer pulls. Bassinettes were used for babies to sleep  in, and the bathinette was used as a changing table and to bathe the baby.  Bathinettes often had a rubber basin under the metal changing table top to be used for bathing the baby.  Our basin is made of plastic.  The bathinette is on wheels to be rolled to a sink.  A hose with sprayer is attached to the faucet of a sink to bathe baby. Poodles were very popular reflecting an interest in anything Parisian as Paris was reopened after World War II.  In this room there are a poodle purse, and china poodles.  You may have seen circle skirts with poodles, called Poodle Skirts. Gloves and hats were worn on shopping excursions.  To go to Downtown Chicago on the train took two pairs of gloves--one to wear on the train, and a clean pair for the city.

Bathinette--includes the ability to bathe baby. Baskinette--a wicker or woven basket with padding and covers--no water.

All images photographed and copyrighted by Jane Nicoll, 2008, or by Elaine Umland-Brownlee, 1999.