gould Park Forest posterVisit our online store to purchase our vibrant print-11" x 14" of Anabelle Gould's original watercolor of The Park Forest Plaza and Holiday Theatre.  Buy yours now, while they last!  Prints are $15 each; shipping and handling $6.  Stop by the museum to purchase a copy during open hours, Wednesday and Saturday 1:00 to 3:30, or visit our online store and use PayPal.

How we got the print.

Sue Gould, daughter of Annabelle, donated her mother's watercolor to the Village of Park Forest.  From the moment we saw it hanging in the Village Manager's outer office, we knew we had to sell prints of it.  Jane Nicoll, helped the Village and Sue make the donation a little more legal on paper, which cleared the way for the Village to grant the Society permission to make a print and sell it to benefit the Society.
  We are grateful Sue decided to share the print with the Village and posterity.  Thanks to Village Manager Tom Mick for granting us permission to make the prints.
  Now it is up to YOU to buy some copies, so we make a wonderful profit to help further our missions!!