The Marshall Field's Brick Sale Story

For at least two years the Society has known, if the Field's building really went to the Wrecking ball,

we would be given a number of bricks to sell as a fundraiser.  As much as we need operating funds, we were all pulling for the building to find a successful re-use.  Sadly, that could not be, and in November 2010, demolition of the Marshall Field's Park Forest Store began.  It is truly heart-wrenching to watch the demolition.  The one saving grace for us is that we can share a piece of history with all of those who loved this Marshall Field's, or who love all things Marshall Field's.  And purchase of a brick will make it possible for the Park Forest Historical Society to Save our History for another 25 years.  For details on how to purchase a brick, click here.

If we have known about this possibility for two years, one would think everything would be in place for how we would handle the sale.  Only in theory!  Our board is small and has been dealing with a number of important programs and plans over the past two years.  This fall has been particularly busy, with a very special program and display on the 60th anniversary of the Holiday Theater; taking the display to the Holiday Theater lobby for their 60th Anniversary Gala; having Gregory Randall do a program, which initiated the sale of the 2nd edition of, "America's Original GI Town;"  opening the exhibit, "Step Back into a 1950s Christmas" to presale tickets (also available at the door); working on our 25th Anniversary Luncheon--January 30, 2010; and many other behind-the scenes projects to further our mission and vision.

Our new president, Michael Gans, took the reigns just in time to be given responsibility for the Brick Sale!!

The Board wishes to thank him for the many hours he has put in to make this sale a resounding success.

Everyone has pitched in to help.  Jane Nicoll has handled pr, and this website, updating news on the sale in several places, and helping with the physical set-up of the sale--on top of decorating the museum, designing tickets and posters for that! She also found time to write the Marshall Field's store history we include with each brick. And she is adding PayPal to the website to try to facilitate quick mailing of bricks and other gifts during the holiday season. Jerry Shnay, Secretary, designed the beautiful Ceritificate of Authenticity.  Thanks to Mike Gans and his sons who are helping physically move a number of bricks to each sale--a huge and heavy job!

Thanks to our entire board for all of the many hours they are putting in to make both the exhibit and the sale a success!

We want to share some photos with you of preparation for the sale: 

Sally Wallach, Gretchen Falk, Vice-president, Michael Gans, President, Suzie Brown, sleeving

Certificates of Authenticity, and Store history, then bagging bricks, pre-sale (below).

Sally Wallach, Gretchen Falk, Mike Gans, Suzie Brown, sleeving Certificates of Authenticity.  
Sally Wallach, Gretchen Falk, Suzie Brown sleeving bricks pre-sale.  





Marshall Field's Bricks, waiting to be sold at the 1950s Park Forest House Museum, prior to

December 11, 2010.



Boxes of Bricks in the Dining Room, prior to

December 11, 2010.  Several of these boxes are

empty, now.