President's Message September 2013

Mike Gans, President PFHS    A Message from our President, Mike Gans, adapted from the September 2013 "The Spirit" Newsletter

President's Message, June 2012


Many thanks to individuals and families, for helping keep the Park Forest Historical Society successful!

YOU support us through your yearly individual membership, the annual fund, visiting
the Museum, making purchases online & at the Museum, and by supporting our
*Marshall Field's Brick Fundraiser, which began December 2010.  Bricks are still available with the help of Village Manager, Tom Mick, and a second donation from Environmental Cleansing Corporation (ECC).

This year, YOUR donations continue to assist in:

  • Providing free community programs.
  • Providing a successful Hall of Fame program in April.
  • Helping open the new Archive Office in January.·
  • Keeping the 1950s PF House Museum open this fiscal year, for nearly 350 visitors through May  2012.

To assist  with increased expenses, the board has authorized me to develop a business sponsorship program. Today, our NEW business sponsors include, Hallett Movers, Park Forest Auto Service, State Farm Insurance – Mike Jordan, and Tower Cleaners.   Please patronize our sponsors. A brochure on this program will be available in July. If you own, or
know of a business that may be interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact

In addition, our partners, include, Celebration Ministries, Central
Park Apartments, Environmental Cleansing Corporation(ECC), Park Forest Public Library, St. Mary's Catholic Church, and the Village of Park Forest.

With support from all of you, the Historical Society will
continue to be successful in its Missions.
Thank you!

Warm regards,

Michael Gans, President, PFHS

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Cell phone:  708-305-3308

President's Report: February 2012

President: Michael Gans

So much has, and IS still happening at the Park Forest Historical Society!! "Saving our History" for 27 Years, continues. In December, the Museum had 129 visitors. Jane Nicoll & "Friends" have done a great job cleaning, re-arranging and getting ready for the February exhibit, so, be sure to come see it!

The Historical Society still has bricks! After selling nearly 500, with 110 mailed to 17 states, we received another donation from Environmental Cleansing Corp. of Markham. This fundraiser is helping keep the museum open. Thanks to Tom Mick, Village Manager and ECC for their help.

Many thanks to those who have given to our Annual Fund. A special thanks to James Klutznick, for his kind donation, and to others for contributing ro our campaign. Donations in any amount help us! This year, the Annual Fund will cover our new $225 monthly rent for the room at St. Mary's. Annual Fund donations are still being accepted--see the form in the February newsletter and scroll down to read our appeal.

Thank you to all who renewed Membership or joined this past Fall! If you have not renewed or joined, yet, there is a form on the website. We must build up our membership--Join Us!

We continue to be thankful for the support of our Partners-- the Village of Park Forest, Village Board, Mayor John Ostenburg, & Tom Mick, Park Forest Public Library and the Library Board,  Central Park Apartments, Celebration Ministries, and St. Mary's. Each plays a significant part in assisting the Historical Society on our path to "Save our History".

In 2012, we are seeking corporate sponsorships.  Please support the businesses supporting us-- Tower Cleaners, Downtown Park Forest; Mike Jordan State Farm Insurance, Park Forest; and Hallett Movers, Summit, IL.

I must personally thank Archivist Jane Nicoll and Historical Society Treasurer Jim Silvia for their superb work on organizing and physically setting up the new Archive Office in St. Mary's. You can read Jane's column for the names of the many others who helped in this huge task.

I hope to see you all at our next program on Sunday, February 26th.

Warmest regards,

Michael Gans, President